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Developing HarmanE

HarmanE was officially founded in 2019 but it is only now in 2021 that I am ready to explore fully what being in business for myself will look like. The past three years have been a time of immense personal upheaval and with that came a lot of self reflection. In many ways, I did actually get to "press pause and get off the world for a bit". It certainly didn't feel like that at the time though! It felt more like being in a washing machine, or hurtling through the scrub with no headlights, or getting dumped by wave after wave after wave. Once everything settled down a bit I began to reassess my work life. What I wanted, what I didn't; where my skills lay and where my passions lay; and what the world will pay for.

HarmanE is all about finding that sweet spot right in the middle.

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