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It's a Risky Business

Taking risks is a risky business.

Some people by nature are more cautious than others. Some people jump first then look for the parachute. I tend to be one of the risk takers in life, though I hope I am one who packs their parachute first. I enjoy the thrill of it. It drives me to succeed. It keeps me on my toes. I don’t like boring, same old same old. As long as I have a solid base to launch from and return to, then watch me fly. Sometimes I come crashing down, but more often than not I don’t.

More and more we are being forced to take risks. We can’t plan a holiday or event now without the risk of it being cancelled due to COVID. We can’t guarantee (as much as we ever could) that what we plan for the future will go ahead. In the light of this we have two choices – to hunker down and wait it out. Take the safe path, preserve resources, wait until it is safe. 𝙊𝙍 we can be brave and take the risk and make plans and just get on with it. (Pack a parachute and have a couple of contingency plans in place for what if!)

In my experience, across all areas of life, personal, workplace, community involvement etc. More times than not the risk takers come out on top. How rewarding it is to succeed in the face of adversity. How rewarding it is to enjoy the fruits of our labour when they are hard won.

So go on - take the risk, make plans. If you crash – don’t let it put you off, learn your lesson and try again!!!

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